Take stand against vandalism

Vandalism of irrigation systems costs Dubbo City Council tens of thousands of dollars a year and there is little authorities can do about it.
HangZhou Night Net

The latest outbreak in the Gordon Estate at the weekend saw two radio telemetry units, valued at $7500 each, snatched from locked cement pillars.

Council’s parks and landcare director Ken Rogers has now called on the community to fight back and report vandals in action.

“With the prevalence of this sort of thing there must be people in the community who see it happening,” Mr Rogers said.

“The community needs to understand this is not my money I’m spending. They should report these incidents because basically it’s their money.”

Council was told on Monday night there was little staff could do about the problem except continue to replace broken and stolen equipment.

Mr Rogers said he would investigate better locks for the pillars housing the telemetry units near the Algona Street park.

The units are part of an intricate irrigation system which calculates when sprinklers should operate and for how long.

But the recent attack is far from an isolated incident and similar devastation has been wreaked at parks in North and South Dubbo.

“This has been happening for a long time and is not restricted to that part of town by any means,” Mr Rogers said. “We spent a small fortune in Barden Park a few years ago when someone kicked the sprinkler heads off.”

That incident saw 220 sprinklers destroyed at a cost of about $80 each.

“We can look at using different sorts of equipment, more robust equipment, but obviously it costs more money,” Mr Rogers said.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.